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Sleep Detoxification – the Way to Health & Happiness

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  • 07 April 2020
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Sleep Detoxification – the Way to Health & Happiness

After finishing up on work and house chores, as we lay on our bed and our mind drifts to sleep, seldom do we know that the body has begun a process with far greater benefits than just catching up on sleep. This process is one of detoxification. While you might have heard of the recent trending ‘digital detox’, sleep detox is far easier and bears many advantages. Ridding the body of unhealthy toxins and substances, it helps in refreshing us for the next day to come. 

To understand how the process of detoxification works, it is important to know the human brain operates differently when awake and when asleep. While awake, the brain exercises energy in completing tasks – however, during sleep the glymphatic system of waste clearing comes alive. It is thought that this system removes waste from the brain and nervous system and is mostly active during sleep. Some researches have gone as far as concluding that the system is 10 times as active when asleep than when awake! Another reason to sleep often? Yes please!

How to Enhance Sleep Detox?

While sleeping is the easiest strategy, there are many methods to enhance sleep levels and bring about greater benefit to the mind and body as you sleep. From using supplements to sipping tea – there are several tried and tested methods up for grabs:

Drink Up; Ginger-Lemon Tea

An evergreen classic, the ginger-lemon tea comes to the rescue whether you are experiencing cough, flu, or slight exhaustion. However, it has proven its worth as a great detoxifier. From boosting metabolism to healing a bloated stomach, this drink works well in refreshment as well as aids weight loss. 

What should you do? Boil a cup of water, add a ginger slice and juice of about half a lemon. Stir well, and if you wish for some sweetness, you can add honey too. Drink it before sleeping and make way for detoxification.  

Use Essential Oils 

Known for their stress relieving properties, usage of essential oils results in improved and eased sleep, thereby paving the way for easier sleep detoxification. A common favorite is the lavender essential oil. Sniff some before sleeping or add a drop or two on your pillow for eased sleep.  


Instead of opting for a sleeping pill, there are many supplements in the market producing favorable results. These come bearing sleep and benefits for the digestive system. One example is the Detoxy+ with masgnesium oxide – known for providing restful sleep. Once consumed, the supplement assists in growth of gut-friendly bacteria, while ridding the body of toxins, resulting in better intestinal health and a cleaner, refreshed body. 

However, if you are in search of supplements that soothe and detox – the Acceler8 supplements are ones to have. Popping this simple pill can result in a much sound sleep, rid you of mental worries and feelings of exhaustion and grogginess, and leave the body appearing thoroughly cleansed, fresh, and slimmer and smarter. Yes! These pills help in maintaining and losing weight. If you hate going to the gym or going on a diet, with Acceler8 supplements, there is no need to do so anymore. 

What does Acceler8 offer:

Acceler8 Sleep: A capsule made with magnesium (citrate), calcium (citrate), and ashwagandha extract, the Acceler8 Sleep improves the quality of sleep you enjoy. While the Ashwagandha extract helps lower cortisol levels and thus stress levels, the magnesium assists in experiencing sound, restful sleep.  

Acceler8 Restore: Made with a fusion of digestive, prebiotic, probiotic, and enzyme blends, the Acceler8 Restore comes bearing benefits for the digestive system. While the pre and probiotic blends help in replenishment of the ever-essential gut microbiome, the ginger and aloe vera roots ensure a relaxing sleep. In short, a supplement that combines the benefits of the ginger tea concoction and brings aspects of weight loss to the table – this is a must have for sleep detoxification. 

Whether you have insomnia and find it difficult to sleep at all, or have mental worries causing an uneasy sleep, none should come between you and a good night’s sleep with detoxing benefits for the body. If you are intrigued by the Acceler8 supplements and wish to try for yourself, visit and order now